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ENTRANCE..The Irvings.

It has to be a difficult moment meeting a new parent i thought as i walked up the path to 11 Winfield  ct in providence.When it was over, i thought what a nice guy, a real gentleman.Sam was my adopted moms new husband.He had 5 children.Phillip {DR} top of his field today was the oldest.Edward,former co owner of Eegees fast food in Tucson, an idea he partly got from me.Davida {DR} principal ofBlock Island RI schools, Shelly works with IBM and Polly housewife in RI.In the seventies  my family became more closely associated with the White House, the military,Iceland,and the Kennedys,John F,Richard Nixon,the State Dept and the FBI< whom i was sure  already had several pages of notes on me. I traveled with a note worthy croud in the sixities.Sam had a brother GEN and AMB Fredrick Irving who served in 5 presidential administrations,a brother reporting on Korear, the north if you get my drift.Lifefrom that point on changed.. and so did we.
  • Rhode Island
  • Fall of 71

Contributor: teega
Created: August 23, 2008 · Modified: August 24, 2008

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