11 Jan 1895 1
15 Jun 1967 1

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Full Name:
Sidney Hamilton Fadely 2
Full Name:
Sidney H Fadely 1
11 Jan 1895 1
15 Jun 1967 1
Last Residence: Rio Grande, OH 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-9789 1

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Sidney Fadely, US Army, WW II

Seattle, Washington

Grand-dad Sidney Hamilton Fadely served in "WW II" . . . . . a Rip-roaring man of 46 joined on 27 April, 1942 to go to Washington State and cut trees for making wood (airplane) trainers for the US ARMY (AAC)

Hi Barbara 

      Happy New Year! I was doing a little research this morning on my Grand-dad, Sidney Hamilton Fadely (my grandpa on my mom's side, 1895) this morning.   I know he served in the US Army and was deployed in Washington State with a a group of soldiers whose function was to cut trees for lumber to build WWI airplanes.   I remember reading some records on the unit he served in in the Army from my mom, but, for the life of me, can't locate them and mom passed on April 22nd of this last year.    If you have other records of him and his unit, I'd be glad to know about them,  Grandpa Fadely was one hell of a man.   He was from West Virginia (where I was also born), was a college professor at Rio Grande College (Rio Grande University now), had his own morning radio show for local farmers, was a fiddle-player (had the great Clark Kessinger, also a fiddle-player, in his living room many a night around the fireplace in their home where I listened attentively during vacations there), and a Methodist lay minister in their area in southern Ohio where they lived in a 2-story colonial home across the street from the Rio Grande College campus.   He was also the Meig's County Vocational Agriculture Director and taught algebra and trigonometry to Rio Grande students who they rented out rooms in their home to.

  Many thanks, ~Bob Shank, Tucson WOW Bob, What a "Grandpa"!!! 

Barbara Connolly;   - Historical Researcher  

Sidney H Fadely

Rio Grande, Ohio

Sidney passed in Ohio in 1967

Principal Sidney H Fadely 1924-25 and ON....


Principal Sidney H Fadley;  Arundel High School is a public high school located in Gambrills in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

The Birth of Arundel High School


When the 1924-1925 school year began, the new Anne Arundel Academy High School, which stood in the area next to the present Millersville Elementary School, opened its doors to nearly 50 students. Eighth graders in the area paid $3 per month to ride the bus with younger students to Millersville Grammar School; from there they walked a half mile to their school. Others from as far away as Annapolis rode the train to Arundel Station in Odenton and walked from there. Though they came from a broad range of neighborhoods, the young scholars soon forged a bond, and they voted to name their new institution Arundel High School.

Arundel’s first four years have been called her “glory years.” Under the leadership of Principal SIDNEY H FADLEY, “a very capable and talented person who instilled in students a love of learning, a fierce competitive spirit, and the meaning of fair play,” the school made a name for itself. With limited equipment but a spirit of excitement, the teachers—many of whom had just completed college—taught courses, coached teams, supervised clubs, and showed a willingness to do whatever was needed, “whether it was riding a tractor, hunting eggs, or running a cafeteria.” While many students performed plays, sang in the Glee Club, or played in the orchestra, others participated in the Home Economics Club, debated, or worked on the school’s first newspaper, The Arundel Tattler. They also held dances and shows, worked at community fairs and suppers, and participated in county and state field days. The school’s rich agricultural program also spawned interest in raising poultry, hosting egg-laying contests, participating in local and national 4-H Club contests, planting crops, and learning to maintain farm equipment. From its earliest days, Arundel fostered a love of athletics. While boys joined the football or baseball team, played tennis, or ran track, girls participated in volleyball, field ball, and run-and-catch relay. Soon the school was boasting county and state championships in both boys’ and girls’ athletics.



 Mr. and Mrs. Sidney H. Fadely Memorial Scholarship


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