My father is age 90 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

My father is age 90 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Howard Irving LEWIS, b. August 20, 1918. How many war's and peace's has he lived through? Well happy birthday- to my father.

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Howard Irving LEWIS, b. Washington DC on August 20, 1918. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Washington DC & Marley Neck, Maryland

My brother let himself in today, and I had forgotten that today is my father, Howard Irving LEWIS' 90th birthday.  My brother had just been to see him in Marley Neck, Maryland, which is Anne Arundel Co., MD.  I was over there within the past two week, we sure we're worried there during April, when he had a "kidney infection", that THIS, birthday would not have occurred.  I already had felt lonesome at the news that he was moved to the area in the nursing home in April for those dying.  No matter how old some people may be, depends on you, if they still matter, I think they MAY matter more.  So many little stories and so many things that people don't know of and probably don't care about today.

O-this has been said so many times, it's sounds like a "cliche ", as usual I really don't care.

My father son of Margaret Estella LARMAN-LEWIS-LAWLOR b. 01/1900 in Washington DC & Joseph Irvin LEWIS b. 1894 also, in Washington DC.

Margaret's Grandfather  was a Henry LARMAN b. Maryland abt 1835, married a Margaret KIRBY, and My father's father son,> of John M. (Meriweather?) LEWIS b. Oct 1872, Washington DC//

Who's name was Joseph Irvin LEWIS who is listed in the Washington Post, Washington DC, death abt., 1955.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY , he married my mother b. Annibrita d'WAINIO, born NYC Feb., 08, 1921, died Dec., 14, in the morning year 2001, in the Marley Neck Health & Rehab.. Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.

They married in the MAYFLOWER HOTEL, Washington DC, Feb., 1947.  They had only two children both still living at this time.

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