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Treasure Narrative


We are at the beginning of a crucial time in our American History. So many do NOT understand the meaning of what freedom has meant or will mean today and in the significant future. Our goal is to assemble a great staff of online researchers to write.

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The Beginning

  • Cokesbury-the dungeon

Today starts the beginning of a new era in the life of the Rankin-Wren family. We have been in the United States for thousands of years.  Our family is tree is one of the most prolific in leadership ever seen by this writer. That in itself is nothing to brag about and can be a tremendous burden to carry around with oneself.

We are members of what is better known as the political class in these United States.  I was born at the lower scale of a class of people united by blood and tradition into what some may construe as the noble classes of this free Democratically elected Republic.  From the earliest days, our direct kin have led this nation and continue to do so.

This web log is a progress report as to what I will consider to be important stretches of research into the progress of growth of a newly formed historic and legal research firm. We hope to provide legal authorities with good tips, good research into case law, family and cultural history as well as write a historical narrative for any situation based on facts ascertained from research and migratory patterns of families.

This is not an easy task, but one that is so much needed in these last days of the Planet Earth. As a Christian, it is the hope and prayer of this writer that all will come to faith and salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He is the messiah prophesied in our early Old Testament years and our kin through our ancestor David. It's long been said that the English aristocracy is descended from David through the Exilarch Bostanai. It's hard to tell the truth in this, but something should be said.

In addition, it's also said

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