This is a short story about my family tree.

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This is a short story about my family tree that I remember reading about some years ago. First, my family tree goes back to about the year 1189 a.d. The patriarch of the "Old" family at the time was a "Sir" Roger Wold, and he had three sons. A Knight, A monk, and a court Jester so I was told. I don't know as to where my family spent most of it's time, but my small branch of it ended up in 'The Duchy of Cornwall' which is located in the S.W. of England. I do remember, however, that I had relatives in both Plymouth which is located in the county of Devon, and also, in a location just South of London called 'Sidd-cup'. I also learned that the 'Old' family supported the Royalist movement in the time of Cromwell..of course we lost that one, and probably had to suffer due to being on the loosing side. Basically, that is all I know of my family. Except that my Father's father was called Fred Arthur Old he served upon a mine-sweeper during WW.2. in the Atlantic and around England. He died around the year 1964-5 and was buried just outside Newquay, Cornwall..Quintral Downs?? His wife was Called Bertha Evelyn Longworth she served as a civil-servant for the RAF and continued to do so until around 1967. She died around the year 1972 in London. My Mother's Mother was called Francis Eastwood, and she married my mother's father I never met him and as a consequence what he was, and did I do not know as he was never talked about. Except that during WW.2. he served as part of the 'Intelligence' department. Russell my father also served in the Royal Engineers during the WW.2. he was a 2nd Leutenant and served in Egypt from what I was told. He was born 12 August 1928, he died in Southern California about 1998-9 at which had re-married his second wife during 1966 her name is Jancis Julia and her surname was either 'Smith, or Wallbrook, or Valendofska' (Polish/English descent). I think I am up-to-date so far.

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