Tull's in the Pearl Harbor Muster Rolls

Tull's in the Pearl Harbor Muster Rolls


Tull's who were listed as passengers or as Crew on the Pearl Harbor Muster Rolls. I have tried to list their date & place of enlistment first if I could locate it in the rolls.

Earnest Bertram Tull, Jr

  • U.S.S. Phoenix

Earnest Bertram Tull, Jr. enlisted 30 June 1944 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was received on board the U.S.S. Phoenix, a Light Cruiser, on 8th May 1944.  By the 15th of May 1944 they were sailing into "dangerous waters".  The last Muster noted for Earnest Bertram Tull, Jr. was 31 March 1945.

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