My Father's Side

My Father's Side


Not only have I found my father, but his father also.

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  • Detroit, Michigan

This was the day that I found out you had died. Died without me knowing who you were. But now in going through old letters my mother saved I'm learning the hows and whys of what happened to make you and my mother not be together. I have now learned that not only do I have a granfather I now have a general idea of when he died. I also know that he remarried, if in fact he ever married my grandmother. I also learned that you were married before, to who I haven't learnd of yet. So here we have Will Lane and Mammie Brown, son Willie Eddie Lane and Vertelee Davis-Lane with child, Juanita Iatrice Lane-Woods-Branch. And certainly not the end or ever the beginning of what is to surly be a great story.

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