Murder-Suicide 20 Mi South of Paducah

Murder-Suicide 20 Mi South of Paducah

Newspaper Account and death records of Joseph Spitzer & his wife, Jennie English Spitzer

Stories about Murder-Suicide 20 Mi South of Paducah

Paducah, KY. Joseph Spitzer, kills wife and then self

  • 20 Miles South of Paducah, Kentucky

Newspaper article:

Paducah, Ky August 17, 1912. Resisting arrest, Joseph Spitzer, 25 years old, shot and seriously wounded the officer who attempted to take him into custody, killed his young wife, and then committed suicide at his home, twenty miles south of Paducah, Today.

E.C. Anderson, the officer wounded by Spitzer, bore a warrnt sworn out by Spitzer's Mother-in-law, charging him with maltreating Mrs. Spitzer.

(I'm not related to any of these people mentioned, but found the news article in the Atlanta Constitution and as southern death notices are difficult to locate I originally just spotlighted it, then decided to find out a little more information on this couple. Next up: The death records for both Mr. and Mrs. Spitzer)

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