John H. (Henry) LEWIS b. 1835 VA-CONFEDERATE.

John H. (Henry) LEWIS b. 1835 VA-CONFEDERATE.


Some basic information about John Henry LEWIS, his wife and decendant's. He's included in my tree at HANDIBOE-LEWIS-ROOTS

Stories about John H. (Henry) LEWIS b. 1835 VA-CONFEDERATE.

John H. LEWIS, CONFEDERATE, author of the book, "Recollection from 1860 to 1865".

  • Virginia-Washington DC

_John Henry LEWIS, was born in Portsmouth, VA on Oct., 5, 1835-there have been varying dates on that i.e. 1837, however an addition on his ONLY published book "Recollection's from 1860 to 1865" which is entirely revolving around the civil war era,  himself and his familie's life during this time, which includes his capture at Gettysburg, PA, concludes his correct dates from more records, than do other dates._

CONFEDERATE, John LEWIS, married, in a small and non-impressive court house in Camden, NC, in HIS words.  He married a Mary Frances EMMERSON, b. 1839, also, in VA.  John and Mary had a total of six children probably all born in Portsmouth, Virginia, except for surely the last two, which were "twins" first a George Washington LEWIS ,born in District of Columbia & dec'd Washington DC,1939,  and the 2nd was one of my GreatGrandfth's John M. (Meriweather)  all CENSUS'were taken in VA, PORTSMOUTH-area.-  except 1860, and the one's from 1870 till 1910, taken in DC. In the 1860 federal census, he was in Chatham Georgia. (CENSUS)

The last census'on John H. LEWIS & wife was taken 1910 in Washington DC.

John & his wife both died in Washington DC, she in 1911 and he died at a daughter's home in Washington DC March 26th, 1917.  Both he and his wife Mary Frances EMMERSON-LEWIS, were buried in the EMMERSON'S family plot in Portsmouth, VA- at the



" an old cemetery located in Portsmouth, Virginia.

John H. LEWIS's father also, contibuted to the CONFEDERACY, in home guard, Samuel Morgan LEWIS , b. Jamestown, VA 1785 and dec'd VA1862, who married a Frances PULLEY, 1796-1871.

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