Mining Revolutionary War Pensions: Report of Paul Ram Lee's Death

Mining Revolutionary War Pensions: Report of Paul Ram Lee's Death


Accounts of fallen comrades occasionally surface in pension affidavits. While not always detailed, they sometimes provide the only proof of service and subsequent death of someone who served during the war.

Affidavit of pensioner Jim Capers (pension R1669) of the 4th SC Regiment

  • Battle of Eutaw Springs, SC

Jim Capers (see pension R1669) in his testimony to prove revolutionary war service, detailed the officers under whom he served and the battles in which he participated.

Serving as a drummer for nearly eight years, first in the 4th Regiment of the South Carolina State Troops, and later in a special unit under General Francis Marion, he described the wounds he received at the Battle of Eutaw Springs.

In his October 15, 1849 affidavit, Capers testified that he "received four wounds, two cuts upon the face, one on the head with a sword & one with a ball which passed through his left side, killing the drummer immediately behind him."

Capers identified the fatally wounded drummer as Paul Ram Lee.  Lee doesn't appear in surviving regimental rolls, thus the only known record of his service is Jim Caper's pension.

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