US Navy Widows' Pensions

US Navy Widows' Pensions - Stories


Benjamin McCABE alias Patrick McCABE

    My ancestor, he has proven hard to research! This 70+ -page pension file solved a puzzle that had been holding up my research of the McCabe line for years. Benjamin McCabe had an alias of Patrick McCabe, and he seemed to use the name Patrick until the Civil War, switching to Benjamin afterward. His wife was Mary Jane Farron, and she want by Mary Jane, Mary J., M. Jane, and most often Jennie. Contained in this file are Benjamin's service history, marriage record, death record; Jennie's death record and witness affidavits on her behalf; four of their childrens' baptismal records.

    George A. COOLEY

      Excellent source of information on George A. Cooley, Ellen Robinson Wagoner / Waggoner, Mary A. Fulton. Birth, marriage, and death information for all three are provided as well as several residences including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Linwood, Marcus Hook), and Delaware. Also included are his service history, invalid pension, and witness affidavits.