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Ida County Iowa Biographies, pg 37
C.C. Zupp
As stated in the article by H.P. Lasher, Christopher Columbus Christian Zupp came to the Washta vicinity in the fall of 1867. He was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on September 18, 1832, the son of George Peter and Elizabeth Zeuder Zender Zupp.
George Zupp and his wife had come from Paris, France where he was a vetrinary surgeon and a soldier in the French army, having served under Napoleon Bonaparte, He also served in the War of 1812 and the Mexican War. (None of this is at all likely!)  It is not known what year they came to America after 1824 & before 1828 nor how many the first 3 of their seven eight children were born in Pennsylvania. When Christopher was two years old the family moved to Lansing, Michigan Wyandot, Ohio where he grew to manhood. He was first married, at the age of nineteen, to Miss Jennie Crofoot, a native of New York and the daughter of Seth and Eliza Ann Crofoot.

Mr. and Mrs. Zupp were the parents of two children, Almon D. Decatur and Ida Jane, but
while they were still very young their mother died 1862 . Later Mr. Zupp married his
former wife's sister, Miss Julia Juliette Matilda Crofoot, and the family moved to Independence, Iowa. They were the parents of six seven children. Their names are listed elsewhere. Mary Jane, William Sherman, Jessie Louina, Blanche, Abbie Belle, Pearl Maude, Ruby E.
In September of 1867 Mr. and Mrs. Zupp brought their family to Douglas Township, Ida County, making the trip in a covered wagon pulled by oxen. Jessie (Mrs.Sherman) had her first birthday during this trip and Blanche (Mrs. Harrington) was a very small baby.
To a mother of 1968 the hardships of such a trip would be almost unbearable but pioneer women were used to such conditions, accepted them, and did their best. Not only was the trip difficult but when they arrived in Douglas Township they had no home of their own. They moved in with the Samuel Allison Allion family in their sod house on the south- eastquarter of section two and here the two families lived that winter. Mr. Zupp filed a claim on the last forty acres available in northeast Douglas Township and by spring had a log cabin sod house ready for his family.
The eight Zupp children all grew to adulthood in the vicinity, married and raised their families here, with the exception of Ida who married and lived at Ponca, Nebraska. Thus there are many descendants of George Peter Zupp, French soldier and adventurer, still living in this area and around the United States.

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