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ROGER SULLIVAN b. abt 1807 in IRELAND, lived in DC 1880

As I was looking for more information on my family tree last night, ancestry gave me a hint. One of my GreatGrandfth's and the last of the children of the CONFEDERATE John H. (HENRY) LEWIS, of VA, after moving to DC, had two more and his last children with EMMERSON, his wife's maiden name. His last two children were both boy's and they were "twins" one was George Washington LEWIS and the other and apparently last born was MY GreatGrandfth John M. (MERIWEATHER) LEWIS-both, of course born Oct., 1872-though on some census' records they are vague on the dates of their exact dob. After looking at the HINT by it looks as if John M. LEWIS' wife's "maiden" name though JOHNSON, --HER mother's "maiden" was SULLIVAN, her father a Roger SULLIVAN b. IRELAND, abt 1807, and living in DC 1880 fed census, also, he had he son-in-law living with him and Mary's mother's first name was apparently Elizabeth. HANDIBOE-LEWIS-ROOTS 06/08


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JOHNSON-SULLIVAN of IRELAND connection-DC-1880's

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It looks as if one of my GGGrandmother's was "maiden" name SULLIVAN-her father b. IRELAND.  Her name when she married my GreatGrandfth, was Mary E. JOHNSON, her mother's name was "APPARENTLY" Elizabeth SULLIVAN-JOHNSON b. abt 1851.


See the 1880 fed census taken in DC under HOH, Roger SULLIVAN b. IRELAND abt 1808.


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