Marie Louise ELFERS-LEWIS b. Feb., 08, 1921 in NYC.

Marie Louise ELFERS-LEWIS b. Feb., 08, 1921 in NYC.


My mother was "adopted" by the Herman and KATHERINE or CATHERINE EVERS-ELFERS, family living in NYC, 1925. Herman was b. in Prussia abt 1878 and Katherine was b. NYC, though a daughter of an immigrant, I think, an immigrant of GERMANY. My mother was born Annibrita d'WAINIO, daughter of Franc or Frank d'WAINIO, b. Turku, Finland 1888, dec'd CA 1978. My mother's mth had 5 children and died in NYC, bef., my mth was age 4, leaving Frank, her husband with 5 young children of that marriage. I believe he had a total of 3 marriages, the last in CA-I'm sure he had two marriages, his first ended in divorce in FINLAND, bef./, he left.

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Marie Louise ELFERS-LEWIS,. b. NYC Feb., 08, 1921-dec'd Anne Arundel Co., MD Dec., 14, 2001.

  • NYC, NY

My mother adopted  in 1925 by the Herman ELFERS & Katherine or Catherine EVERS-ELFERS family of NYC, NY both of immigrant families.  He Herman was b. PRUSSIA, abt 1878.  She was born in NYC-however, both her parents were immigrants, I believe from Germany.

Marie or born Annibrita d'WAINIO's, father Frank or Franc d'WAINIO, born Turku, FINLAND 1888, dec'd CA 1878.  Marie married Howard Irving LEWIS <b. August 20, 1918 in Washington DC, they married at the Mayflower Hotel, Washington DC-Feb., 1947.  they had ONLY two children Blake Christopher & Lora Margaret LEWIS-HANDIBOE.  Both children were b. DC.

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