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381st Bomb Group: MIA 535th N/42-31357

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Klosterkumbd, germany


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Klosterkumbd, germany

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"13 April – Thirty three aircraft from this command took off at 10.00 hrs with the target, for the fourth time in the history of the group, the ball-bearing factory at Schweinfurt, Germany. The 381st Group was led by Major Halsey and the Composite Group by Capt Franek. Bombing altitude was 20,000 ft and outside air temperature was minus 37 Cent.  Weather was hazy on take off but good on the return although cloud was 6/10th over the target. Considerable fighter opposition was encountered by the wing ahead of ours on the way into the target. About 60 ME109’s took out seven Forts in that formation in one pass. Lt Mullane lost an engine over the target and one shortly afterward and lagged behind the formation losing about 500 ft a minute. It was thought he had a windmilling propeller. Lt Sherwood had only two/three missions to complete his tour while navigator Lt O’Phelan had been nursed through several respiratory complaints" Source:
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