James L. Loshbaugh, Sunk on the Sultana

James L. Loshbaugh, Sunk on the Sultana


James Louis Loshbaugh served in the 25th Michigan Infantry during the Civil War and was captured October 26, 1864 at Cedar Bluffs in Alabama. After being held prisoner at Andersonville Prison and surviving the diseases so prevalent there, James Louis Loshbaugh was just one of the victim's to die in the Mississippi River close to Memphis, Tennessee when the ship transporting Union Soldiers home exploded. Many former prisoners who were Union Soldiers died that day never again seeing their homes an

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Happy Return Home Ended Tragically for Many

  • Mississippi River near Memphis, TN


James Louis Loshbaugh never returned home.  His name is not listed on official papers,

but nonetheless, he was a victim of this great tragedy, as was his family.

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