Background information on his death and his life.

Background information on his death and his life.


Part one: His service at time of casualty.

Stories about Background information on his death and his life.

Served as S-2 or S-3 for Special Troops, USARV

  • Long Binh

Lt. Col. Dickey was in a bunker during a coordinated attack on this evening by VC forces using small arms, rockets, mortars and grenades as well as numerous sappers.  I was not with him in the bunker at the time;  however, it was my understanding he was hit by a piece of shrapnel.  In any case, a piece of metal entered the rear base of his skull between flak jacket and helmet and he was killed instantly.  Spec 4 Mike Lynch was one of those with him at the time, as well as others, whom I do not know.

I remember packing his belongings with the chaplain.  I recall, as a PA native, that he was from a small town in the Midwest.  I packed a picture of his lovely wife and 3 beautiful children, all girls.  I later moved to a small town in the Midwest.....Glen Ellyn, unbeknownst to me at the time, LTC Dickey's hometown!   In the high school, there is a plaque of students who lost their life in Viet Nam.  He was class president in his senior year and later married his high school sweetheart.

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