dont know why or how my daddy died!!

dont know why or how my daddy died!! - Stories


glenn barry criswell

  • last known residence upshur, TX

ummm. i am 29 years old now with four little girls that demand my attention.....and all I want to know is where my father died and why, and where he is buried... i guess i am begging...sorry...for some assistance in finding out....i know that his actual death certificate was issued in florida....and hi birth date is nov 8,1956 and the ssdi told me all this information and not the important information....ssn264175943... any and all help that could be given would be gladly appreciated.... a resting place of closure is ahead....

love chris

    Chris, I know you're probably not thinking as clearly as you might. But SSDI does not record anything about cause of death. You must get ahold of a copy of the death certificate. It will state cause of death and may record method of death. It will probably tell you the doctor or hospital involved. Go from there. But SSDI did tell you last residence zip code 75645 Gilmer, Upshur, Texas. Check their phone directory--you may have some half brothers and sisters. Good luck

      Christine, You'll need to get a copy of his death certificate. It should list the cause of death and the place of burial. Since you are his daughter, you can order one from the State of Texas at this address:

        I think I went to school with your Dad. I have no knowledge of his death, but may be able to supply you with info about his teenage years. If it's the same guy, he attended Southeast High School in Bradenton, FL. Your grandfather was William Criswell, who died around 1972. Your grandmother passed one month later. Glenn had a brother, Jeff and a sister Nancy. Another older brother but I don't remember his name. Could this be your Dad? If so, did you ever find out where & how he died? I hope so. Let me know. marlenag.