Kerri Wheeler  -  May 26, 2oo8 Memorial Day Ceremony

Kerri Wheeler - May 26, 2oo8 Memorial Day Ceremony


Photos taken for Kerri Wheeler at the Gridley cemetery on highway 99 just north of the town of Gridley, Califrornia, at the Memorial day ceremony held on May 26, 2008.


  • Gridley cemetery, Gridley, California, USA

These photos were taken during and after the ceremony on Monday, May 26, 2008, and show Kerri Wheeler singing the traditional hymn, "Amazing Grace" as part of the ceremony.

At her request, additional shots of her were taken after the ceremony, posing with our U.S. congressman, Wally Herger, who was in attendance to speak at the ceremony and to present special recognition to several surviving World War II veterans who were present.

Photos taken by Walden A. Barney, of Gridley, California

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(530) 554-2215

2 East Gridley Road,  # B212

Gridley, CA 95948

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