27 Jan 1922 1
01 Jun 1999 1

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Full Name:
Gordon K Clark 1
27 Jan 1922 1
01 Jun 1999 1
Last Residence: Grand Junction, CO 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (HC) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-9713 1

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Lt. Gordon "Keith" Clark, WWII /MTO/ETO Pilot


   Gordon Keith Clark was born in 1922 in Wyoming.... Completed High-School, is White and a Citizen.     Keith was working as a sales clerk and living in Jefferson County, Fla.    He was still single at enlistment.  "Keith" was a Veteran of the Navy Merchant Marine.  He enlisted in the Army Air Corp at Ft. CP Blanding, Fla. on 20 Feb. 1944 to become a Pilot who went on the fly Combat in the 310th Bomb Group /MTO.  "Keith" passed in 1999.

    Gordon Keith Clark went by "Keith".  Keith was a US AAC Pilot during WWII.  Lt "Keith" Clark was a highly decorated and brave Combat Pilot who flew many different types of Ships, including the B-25 in the 310th Bomb Group, 379th Bomb Squadron.  He ferried the B-25 "Santa Lucia" with his Crew from Italy, to Africa and the "Southern Route" or *HOP* across the Atlantic from Ascention Island to Natal, Brazil and ending up in Savannah, Ga where he was discharged at the end of the war.  As all know, all war is hell and all war activities by nature have odd and covert areas that we now (in 2011) have discovered accidentally kept him back from becoming a Captain. 

    Keith was apparently a great man who was meant for more humble things.  Keith became an airline pilot for United Airlines but he gave that all up to become a Teacher and be home with his family.  He taught Algebra in the Jr. High School in Grand Jct. Colo. for about 30 years.  This story is coming from Keith's proud family and some friends ... one special man Jerry, who remains especially thankful that this kind man led him in the right direction. "I was a kid who was shown a better path to direct my life toward by Mr. Clark and I was not the only person to benefit from his counsel".  Jerry well remembers long hard hours of "Summer Haying Season" in Kannah Creek ...he says his back 'still aches' when he drives by those fields full of bales!  Jerry's best friends are the Clark "kids" and they all still remain in Grand Junction, Co.

   Born in 27 Jan. 1922 and passed 1 June, 1999.   Keith has a daughter Katie (and Doug)  and a son Calvin "Cal" and Nita .... more to come.

   THIS is the beginning of Keith's STORY. . . Sometimes we are meant to know all of it and sometimes we are not.  But one thing for sure is that Keith had the best type of calling, to guide children through their most difficult years and he will always be remembered for this.  Thier love and respect for Keith will not be diminished by any thing we might stumble across.  What ever did occur during the war, it seems the Keith might have been nothing more than "caught in the middle".... seemingly is 'normal' for our WWII American *Fly-Boys* ... Keith did not tell of the strangness of what he experienced during the war (and then not near enough of it) ...... like ALL of our Greatest Generation, Keith kept it to himself until just prior to his death.  God Bless our Brave Men.

  I am assisting in the Research for this as an Historical Researcher for WWII, the 57th Bomb Wing and Historian for the 319th and 321st Bomb Groups.  Our '321st BG History Team of 3" (John, Patti and myself) are working IN the 310th Bomb Group History right NOW. . . . . . . . . .   we begin our adventure.  22 Oct. 2011

Barbi Ennis Connolly  

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