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My dad died when I was 15, over 40 years ago. I am trying to trace his steps. I came across this picture of my dad. He is located in the bottom right corner. From his 53-55, he seperateed from the 12th TAC REC Sq. I have also found that the 12th TAC REC was in Troussus le Noble, France between July and Aug 1944. I believe the 12th was part of the Third Army Air Corp, I think the plane is a P-51 called Dragon La.... Was the 12th part of the 67 Reconnaissance Group? Does any one have any info on the 12th?

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    greetings from Switzerland - the aircraft indeed is a F-6D Mustang (tac recon camera-ship conversion of the P-51D) of the 67th TRG 12th TRS 9th AAF, possibly in France during Summer / Fall 1944 - the nickname appears to be "Dragon Lac" - will search my database for further information - the personnel seen in the photo is a group of ground-crew men, i.e. mechanics, armorers, etc. responsible for keeping the aircraft ready for action. - contact me at [email protected] to discuss things further. cordially, Martin
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