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Harold Mclinton

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    Harold (Tank) McLinton was an easy man to admire, and an admirable person to emulate. McLinton, the Washington Redskins' middle linebacker from 1969 to 1979, was a quiet man known for his work in helping other people. Ironically, he was in the process of doing just that when he was critically injured.

    McLinton, 33, was returning from a speaking engagement at Lorton Prison on Oct. 1, 1980, when he stopped on the side of Interstate 295 in Southeast 
    Washington to thank a woman he had followed because he had gotten lost. Standing near the side of the road, he was struck by a passing car. McLinton died on Oct. 31 from complications resulting from his massive injuries. At the time, former Redskins coach George Allen said, `The biggest loser is the Washington community.'

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