Stephen F Austins 4th Colony- Republic of Texas

Stephen F Austins 4th Colony- Republic of Texas


Captains Hills Company

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Jessie Barker, Leman Barker, Josiah Wilbarger

  • Bastrop , Texas

My great, great Grandfather Jessie Barker, wife and children, His brother Leman,and family,  and The Wilbargers, also  family, Turners, Hornsby's  all travelled to Texas to Settle near the Colorado River, In Present day Bastrop , Texas. Joining Stephen F Austins 4 th Colony of Settlers to Texas. All fought in The Texian Army.

A published story about Josiah Wilbarger and wife Margaret Barker, ( Jessies Niece) Land Surveyor and Educator, was scalped in 1833, by the Commanche Indians,near todays Pecan Springs,  and lived  until an accidental blow to the head ended his life in 1845. In 1932 , His and Margarets remains were moved to the Texas State Cemetary in Austin, Texas.

They were among the first to register in Stephen F Austins 4th Colony , and fought in Captain Hills Company. My great great grandfather was discharged at Hickory Point.

After Ten Years as The Republic of Texas, Texas Joined the United States of America.

The sudden end of The Texas Revolution came as a great surprise- not only to the defeated Santa Anna, but to the Texians as well. Few expected Sam Houstons little ragtag Army even to survive, much less win a quick and crushing victory on the plains of San Jacinto..

My great great grandfather, sons brothers nephews, brothers  in law and many more more fought what is now known as the Runaway Scrape, which was a headlong flight by the civilian population after the defeat at the Alamo and the wholesale massacre of Texians prisoners at Goliad.

Many civilians abandoned everything in haste to escape Santa Anna. As News of Sam Houstons victory spread many began picking up the pieces of their broken lives.

After Santa Anna, the only real problem continued to be the Wild Indians- some commanche, who continued to kill and plunder the homesteads of all the settlers. Eventually , the Indians were pushed to the Staked Plain where no Texians settled until many years later.

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