My Brother's Father

My Brother's Father


Searching for my brother's father has been a life task for my brother.

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James Cardwell

  • Tarrant County, Texas

My mother whose name was Wanda Beaty.  She fell in love with a service man during World War II.  She followed him to I believe Kansas, but am not real sure.  After a while she came home.  It seems she was going to have a baby.  Because they never married she had no military benefits.  She returned to her parents to stay while waiting the birth of her child.  Melvin Clayton __________ was born Jan 13, 1945.  I left his last name blank for a reason.  The name that is on his birth certificate is Sheridan, but our grandmother told us it was the other one not the one you think it is.  We have a letter from a James Cardwell.  In the letter he talks about their "problem".  We also have a picture of my brother's father, but we don't know if it is James Sheridan or James Cardwell.  Both of these men existed.  James Sheridan was killed in an airplane crash I think.  I believe they were both stationed at Fort Wolters in Mineral Wells, Texas when my mother met them.  We also believe she used the name Sheridan to protect the real father.  We think he might have been married, but not for sure.  Both our mother and grandmother have passed away.

My brother is now 63 years old and has cancer.  It would be nice to find out something more than what we know above.

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