Victoria Lynne Galarneau and David Elwin Wyman

Victoria Lynne Galarneau and David Elwin Wyman


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  • Maine

Victoria was currently enrolled in REHABILITATIVE SERVICE in Farmington Maine @ The University Of MaineAt Farmington.  During her First semester at college she had one friend in the same major (Emily) that lived in the apt house next to her dorm.  On a Friday nite outing to Waterville Maine for music and dancing, we stoped by Skowhegan Maine to meet Emily's then boyfriend-Dave.

After a few weeks Dave and Vicki met a few times at Emily's apt. and home town of Bingham.  In Nov. a group of Emily's and David's friends invited Vicki to a nite of camping and drinking with a blind date with a guy named BUCK!  Near the end of the evening was ending and it got colder Vicki and Dave ended up sharing the same space, Dave wanted his coat back and Vicki wasn't giving it up so they shared.

In the morning Emily was no longer talking to Vicki and with in days Dave wouldn't leave Vicki alone.  They talked and wrote letters for two months until Vicki got back to UMF from semester break.  Then at the end of January 1997 Vicki and Dave started to date.  On April 3rd 1997 they found out that Vicki was pregnant.  Dave decided to earn his GED and enter the Army as a welder.  Vicki decided to return to Shrewsbury Vermont and continue to work at TJMAXX in Rutland, Vermont dropping out of college.  They both agreed On Wednesday evening May 21st 1997 they became Mr. and Mrs. David E. Wyman during a small ceremony in Shrewsbury, Vermont.  Vicki then permentently changed her name to VICTORIA GALARNEAU WYMAN-passing her middle name on to her first born- VANESSA LYNNE-BETTY WYMAN born Sat. Jan 10th 1998 @ RRMC.  Vanessa nicknamed Nessa or Nessie shares her birthday with her cousin Anthony Joseph Galarneau-Edmunds and her Great Grandmother Betty Wyman hense the Betty included in her name as well.

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