My Meier Memories by DJ (Manning) Strunk

My Meier Memories by DJ (Manning) Strunk


My memories of the Meier Family in Calvert, Texas.

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Trips to Calvert, Tx

  • Ft. Worth to Calvert


Granddaddy (Wm. Meier) always wanted to leave really early to go to Calvert. Nana (Lula Scruggs Meier) would always make Pigs in a Blanket. Granddaddy would NEVER stop on the way so when Terry (my sister) and I were little, Nana kept the pot to one of our old potty chairs and we would have to go potty in that. Don't remember exactly how we did it but, I remember the pot being in the back seat each time we made the trip. One time we went in Granddaddy's Pickup and my Mom and Dad (Jean Meier Manning - George Manning) were in the back with a feather mattress. At one point, I looked back and they were curled up like a burrito in the mattress. It must have been real cold.

One time me and Nana were going to Calvert and once we got there I told her that we had to go home because it was getting dark and my mommy always told me to be in the house when it got dark. WOW!!!! How young I must have been not to realize that my mom knew I was in Calvert with

My sister (Terry) and I each had a cat that lived in Uncle Otto's garage. I don't remember both of their names but I know that one of them was named Josie (as in Josie and the Pussycats).

I remember Uncle Otto's smoke house. It was to the left of the back door (the door from the garage area). If you walked out the door and immediately turned left, walk a few feet down the walkway, it was right there. I used to love for him to open the door so I could smell the meat he was smoking....LOL

We used to always walk around the block with Nana and I never could understand why she wouldn't let me feed the horse apples (the big green bumpy round things I always saw in the road) to the horses. But, I would ask her every time I saw one and she would always say no......hmmmmm?

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