The Phantom Of The Night

The Phantom Of The Night


The Phantom of the night raped fifteen novice Nun's

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Fifteen Novice Nun's Raped By Phantom Of The Night

  • New York State

My Great Grandfather Leonard Burdette Parish as a member of the Vigillantes sanctioned by The State of New York was asked to handel this situation that a French training convent for novice nun's was having. When my great grandfather arrived in the little village where this training convent was at he found the local population almost histarical because they thought they actually had saint lucifer living among them. Who else would want to rape young girls that wanted to dedicate there lives to Jesus Christ. By sundown you couldn't find anyone outside they would all be in there houses with the doors locked and the shutters closed and locked. Those doors would not open untill sunup. The convent was self efficient they grew all there own vegetables, Chickens, milk cows etc.

When my great grandfather arrived at the convent he found that the Mother Superior was cold and absolutly refused to co-operate. The Priest was young about twenty five and very much afraid of Mother Superior which didn't help matters any. The novice nun's would pray and study during the day. In the evening after dark is when the nun's would take care of the animals and tend to there gardens. That is when the Phantom would strike. My great grandfather tried to get Mother Superior to close the gates to the convent after dark and have the nun's do their work during the day. Mother Superior absolutly refused to do this she didn't change her mind untill two more nun's where raped. My great grandfather quickly learned why the rapest was called the Phantom Of The Night first you see him than you don't. For three months he kept guard outside the convent waiting to met the Phantom Of The Night just when he had finally given up hope of catching him they ran into each other in the dark one night my great grandfather killed him instantly.

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