Texas Camps and Forts in Confederate Papers

Texas Camps and Forts in Confederate Papers


A list of camps and forts located while annotating--preliminary results

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Texas Camps and Forts in Confederate Papers

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Camp A. S. Johnston
Camp Aransas
Camp Bee
Camp Burnett
Camp Cameron
Camp Carricitas (or Carricitos)
Camp Clark
Camp Cleaver
Camp Clever
Camp Colorado
Camp Concho
Camp Coody, C. N.
Camp Cooper
Camp Copland
Camp Crump, Texas
Camp Depart, Texas
Camp English
Camp Esperanza
Camp Ford
Camp Freeman
Camp Frog Bayou, Arkansas
Camp Gill, Texas
Camp Greer
Camp Groce
Camp Harrison
Camp Hebert
Camp Henry McCulloch
Camp Holcomb
Camp Holmes
Camp Holsom, I. T.
Camp Holston, I. T.
Camp Hope
Camp Hudson
Camp Hunter
Camp Imochiah, C. N.
Camp Jackson
Camp Kiamatia, C. N.
Camp Kiameshi, C. N.
Camp Kiamishi, C. N.
Camp Kiamitia, C. N.
Camp Kimetia, C. N.
Camp Likens
Littleton's Camp, Texas
Camp Lubbock
Camp McCulloch
Camp Minter, Texas
Camp Neches
Camp Nellie, Texas
Camp Nelson
Camp No. 11
Camp No. 23
Camp No. 24
Camp No. 32
Camp on Concho River, Texas
Camp on Sabinal
Camp on San Marcos River, Texas
Camp Philips
Camp Philpott
Camp Pitchlynn
Camp Puerta del Agua Dulce, Texas
Camp Pyron
Camp Reeves
Camp Rockford
Camp Rodeyo, Texas
Camp Rogers
Camp Rusk
Camp Rutherford
Camp Sabinal, Texas
Camp San Fernando
Camp Scurry, Texas
Camp Semmes
Camp Speight
Camp Stockton
Camp Terrell
Camp Terry
Camp Texas, Louisiana
Camp Todd, Texas
Camp Verde
Camp Voight
Camp Watie, C. N.
Camp Wattson, Texas
Camp Waul
Camp White
Camp Wilks
Camp Wood
Camp Wright
Camp Young


Fort Arbuckle, C. N.
Fort Bankhead, Texas
Fort Bates, Texas
Fort Bliss
Fort Brown
Fort Chadbourne
Fort Clark (or Clarke)
Fort Craig (New Mexico)
Fort Davis
Fort Esperanza
Fort Fillmore (Arizona)
Fort Gibson (C.N.)
Fort Griffin
Fort Hebert
Fort Herndon
Fort Hudson
Fort Inge
Fort Lancaster
Fort Magruder
Fort Malden
Fort Mason
Fort McCulloch, C. N.
Fort McIntosh
Fort McKavett
Fort Point
Fort Quintana
Fort Quitman
Fort Sabine
Fort Stockton
Fort Thorn (New Mexico)
Fort Washington, Texas
Fort Washita (C.N.)
Fort Worth

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