I'm at the Wall, Dad

I'm at the Wall, Dad


During the heavy snow storms in Febuary 2006, my Daughter tried to fly from Indianapolis, IN to Southern California but ended up in Washington DC. All planes were grounded but she was able to travel to the Wall. She called me saying, "I'm at the wall, Dad. Tell me which panel your buddies are on." It was February 15 and they died on February 15, 1968.

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Daughter calls Dad from the Wall exactly 38 years after 4 of his buddies died in Vietnam.

  • The Wall, Washington DC

During the heavy snow storms in February 2006, my Daughter tried to fly home from a business trip in Indianapolis, IN to Southern California.  After waiting three days, a plane to Washington was available.  She thought Washington was the West Coast and boarded the plane.  She fell asleep and waken as the plane arrived in Washington, DC and was snowed in again.  When she called me and said, I'm in DC, I'm in the snow, and I'm at the Wall, Dad.  Tell me what panel your men are on."  It was February 15th, exactly 38 years after my buddies were killed, February 15, 1968.  Even though the snow was deeper than her California shoes were high, she found the panel.  Now I have pictures of the snow covered Wall and panel 39E.  This is something I'll cherish the rest of my life.  God bless you, Lynette and God bless the families of these men.

PS. Two days later she was able to fly out of the snow, back to sunny California.

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