16 Mar 1918 1
30 Jun 2004 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
William Rawlings 1
16 Mar 1918 1
30 Jun 2004 1
Last Residence: Sandersville, GA 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-2668 1

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His family/survivors

Dr. Rawlings is survived by his wife, Eleanor Newsom Rawlings, and children: Dr. William Rawlings, Jr.(Beth); Mary Eleanor Wickersham (David); Dr. Jean R. Sumner (Joe); Dr. Joe Newsom Rawlings; Benjamin F. Rawlings (Cathy); and Judge Thomas C. Rawlings (Kay). He leaves behind eleven grandchildren: Dr. Penn B. Wickersham; Joseph C. Sumner, Jr., Jeannie R. Docter, Eleanor R. Wickersham, William Rawlings, Allen Rawlings, Elizabeth Rawlings, Sara Rawlings, Will H. Rawlings, T. Charles Rawlings, Jr. and Abraham I. Rawlings. Also surviving him is one great-grandchild, Isabel Wickersham.

His grandfather's family

FREDERICK CULLINS RAWLINGS, his son, was born in this county in 1821, and brought up to agricultural pursuits, being engaged as a planter throughout his life. When the War Between the States came on he served in the Confederate state troops, having charge of provisions, and rendered faithful and valiant service. At the end of the war he returned to pursuits of the soil and rapidly rose to a position of distinction among the planters of this part of the state. He died at the age of 91 in 1912, in the faith of the Baptist Church which he had joined later in his life. His wife had pre-deceased him. This couple had 6 children: Dr. WILLIAM, a practicing physician and surgeon in Sandersville; CHARLES G., a leading banker of this place; LAVINIA, wife of B.E. Roughton of Macon, Georgia; ANNA, wife of William C. Butts of Atlanta; Mrs. Winifred Mayo, now deceased; and BENJAMIN TARBUTTON. After his schooling, BENJAMIN T. began practicing law in 1888; was elected solicitor general of the Middle Circuit, and after 8 years Judge of the Superior Court. He returned to private practice in January of 1915. Aside from his legal practice, Judge RAWLINGS is interested in agriculture, owns several thousand acres of land on which he raises corn and cotton. He is a Democrat, and belongs to the Knights of Pythias.



Judge Rawlings (cont.)

In 1883, Judge RAWLINGS married Marthabelle Bangs, and. the couple has four children: RALPH H. who is superintendent of his father's plantation interests; Dr. FREDERICK B., practicing physician of Sandersville; Mabel C., a graduate of Wesleyan College; and WINIFRED still attending school.


Rawlings/Tarbutton Family

Sandersville, GA

The following is additional information concerning the data from Ed Wiessing
in the June 1991 Newsletter, P. 15.

FREDERICK CULLINS RAWLINS' wife Susan Tarbutton's father was Ezekiel (John E.),
her mother MATTIE RAWLINS Fields. They are both buried in Brownwood Cemetery, Washington Co., Georgia.

Ezekiel had other grandchildren: Arthur Augustus Tarbutton, b. Nov. 3, 1887, d. Feb. 1936.
Benjamin Tarbutton was b. Feb. 10, 1852, d. Nov. 27, 1921.
Dr. FREDERICK BANGS RAWLINGS (see P.16), son of BENJAMIN TARBUTTON RAWLINGS, was born Aug. 12, 1889; d. Jan. 15, 1948.


The Different Rawlings Branches

"Legend is that NICHOLAS J. RAMLINGS, my great-great-grandfather, was a pioneer settler in Dodge Co, Georgia - coming from North Carolina-Virginia line with his father and four brothers. One brother settled in Washington Co., and one in Telfair County. One went to Moultrie County, and the brother with NICHOLAS stayed only a few years. Before the War Between the States this brother joined a wagon train westward. He set up a general store in Wyoming territory. This was the start of RAWLIN, Wyoming." This was a quote from my mother's cousin, three times removed, who lived in Texas. I have researched further to find REDDIN, brother to NICHOLAS, who went to Telfair County, Georgia, before 1824, and NICHOLAS was in Pulaski County, later Dodge County. I don't know if JOHN E., who is buried in Brownwood Cemetery in Washington County, is their father or not. He was
listed in Pulaski County census in 1850 but not later. A cousin JACK still living
in Dodge Co., Georgia, 84 years old, said one of the Washington Co. RAWLINS
girls married a Mayo - which might be why the Mayo Brothers praised the sanitarium
in Sandersville, Georgia."


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