03 Apr 1927 1
09 Oct 2004 1

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Full Name:
Mildred M Kimbrell 1
03 Apr 1927 1
09 Oct 2004 1
Last Residence: Griffin, GA 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-0272 1

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From her only child Brenda Kimbrell Pass-I love you Mom and miss you more today than the week after you died. You should see your 12 great-grandchildren including the step children. Some of the children were born after you died. You saw Victoria, Andrew, Breanna, Daneille, Maddie, and Amelia, but missed seeing, Little Nick, Evie, Sophia, Vlad, Brooklynn, and London. I wish they could have known you. You were still beautiful even on the day you died. You left me too soon.

The life and loves of Mildred E. Moore Kimbrell

Griffin, GA

Mildred Estelle Moore, the youngest of 8 children was born 3 April 1927 to William Harrison and Annie Jackson Moore in Spalding County, GA.  She had dark eyes, dark hair, and the creamiest white and smoothest skin of any dark haired person I ever saw. Though her hair grayed, she seemed to have no wrinkles and her skin remained flawless until her death at age 77.  She married her childhood sweetheart  Raymond Alvin Kimbrell on January 6, 1946, and was still married to him when she died.  She had quit school in the 11th grade due to her mother's foot being broken badly, and never went back.  She worked in the cotton mills, though later in life she received a certificate in data processing.  I was born in 1951, but she had suffered the miscarriage of my brother in 1949.  I was her only living child. She retired from the cotton mill, and spent several years at home before her death, battling diabetes and heart disease. She sang like Kitty Wells. 

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