Leona Queyrouze is Constant Beauvais

Leona Queyrouze is Constant Beauvais


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  • New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

I conducted a search for Léona Queyrouze on Footnote and sadly did not come up with any results. I did find another link on a blog with a photo of her.  The blog headlines the following: "First and Last Days of Paul Morphy

was an unpublished memoir by Léona Queyrouze, written under the pseudonym  Constant Beauvais,  covering her experience with Paul Morphy.
The little-known,  hand-written manuscript is retained at the The Williams Research Center of the Historic New Orleans Collection (part of the Kemper and Leila Williams Foundation) at 410 Chartres Street, New Orleans..."

There is also a dissertation from LSU student, Donna M. Meletio written in August 2005, "LEONA QUEYROUZE (1861-1938) LOUISIANA FRENCH CREOLE POET,ESSAYIST, AND COMPOSER". (287 pages).  It offers a perspective about Querouze's literary works, "Queyrouze’s themes did not call for the autonomy of women; rather, she was fighting for her culture. There is, however, one significant connection to American writers, one that can be found in the work of Kate Chopin (1851-1904), and she represents an interesting mixture of American and Creole sensibilities and serves as a bridge between the two worlds..." (page 195 of 287 PDF).

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