A Little More About Cordelia Story

A Little More About Cordelia Story


A small amount known about our Granmother.

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A new birth today

  • Brown County,Indiana

Cordelia Jane Story was born near Indianapolis,Indiana on May 12,1865,or 1866.Her mother's name ,the best we can find out was Sabra.She had a brother and a sister.Her sister's name was Meda.We know someone in the family was named Martin.,and might have been called Sandy.

Cordelia married Marion Francis Pyle on January1,1881.Place unknown.She lived in Picher,Ok.,Was buried in Miami,Ok.The date of her death was 1950.

She had 10 children.

Elsie May 12-18-1881

Laura Alice Dec.18,1883  Married Otto Amos

Eldah Mariah Mar.19,1886 Married Sylvester(Ves)Danner

Clara MayNov.10,1889 Married Tom Hale

Sabra CatherineOct.17,1890 Married Mr.Cooper,Mr.Ellam & Mr.Bean

Francis Robert Feb.9,1892 Married Buelah & Essie McKinnly

Meda Emline Dec.12,1895 Married Orville Cooper

Sandy Gilbert Dec.19,1897  Married Abby McLaughlin

Baby Boy May 31,1900 Died Same day

Forrest Ray April 2,1903 Goldie

If anyone has information about any of these people we would certainly like to hear from you.

Also ,one piece of information Cordelia was a full blooded Native American.Not sure of which Tribe.

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