09 Mar 1780 1
Windsor, Connecticut 1
12 Jul 1854 1

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09 Mar 1780 1
Windsor, Connecticut 1
Male 1
12 Jul 1854 1

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Andrew Mack Mayor of Detroit

Andrew Mack, born 9 March 1780 Windsor, Connecticut, died 12 July 1854
Mayor of Detroit? 1834-1835, Appointed Port Collector by President Andrew Jackson
Postmaster of Vicksburg, now Marysville.
Rank of Colonel noted in newspaper.
One of the original owners of the Detroit Free Press.
Served in the Legislatures of both Ohio and Michigan.
Went to sea as an apprentice, rose to Ships Master, sailing out of New Haven, Conn.
His last voyage was in 1808, when he brought to New Haven a flock of Merino sheep from Spain.
In the war of 1812, he organized a body of men called the Minute Men of Cincinnati, which was part of the First Ohio Regiment of Militia and was commissioned as Colonel.
He moved to Detroit in 1829.
Served in the legislature of both Ohio and Michigan

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