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Crash of B-26 Marauder 42-107576 MACR 12611


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Mission 237 to Irlich rail yards

The 391st Bomb Group, 575th Bomb Squadron of the Ninth Air Force was based at Station A-73 Roye/Amy, France. Roye/Amy Airdrome was located about 100 kilometers northeast of Paris, France. Capt. Burton C. Hanish was the pilot of the lead plane on 24 February 1945 on a mission to Irlich, Germany. Hanish and crew were flying in the B-26C-45 Marauder 42-107576 when at about 17:39 hours they took a direct hit over the target. An eyewitness account of the incident is contained in the Missing Air Crew Report 12611.

I was flying as radio gunner in the No. 3 position, on 24 February 1945. I was watching aircraft No. 42-107576, Capt. Hanish’s plane. I saw a burst of flak hit the left engine, and it caught on fire. The plane veered to the right and went down in a spiral dive. I saw the left wing break off and watched the aircraft until it crashed to the ground. I saw one chute leave the plane.

Robert E. Ratliff, 1712789

T/Sgt, AAF

All in the crew were killed except Staff Sgt. Rivoli. He was the lone parachutist and according to a relative, Rivoli was sent to a hospital near Dulag Luft 12, Oberusal, Germany for treatment. The aircraft crashed near Rainhausen, Germany.

  • Rainhausen, Germany
  • 22 February 1945

Valentine P. Rivoli

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Staff Sgt. Valentine P. Rivoli (12168196) was born on 12 October 1917 in Rochester, NY the son of Salvatore and Rosina Rivoli who were recent Italian immigrants. He attended high school for two years and on 8 October 1942 enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps in Rochester, NY.  After his liberation, Rivoli returned the States aboard the USS Admiral Benson and arrived in New York City on 12 June 1945.  He married Ann. Rivoli died in May 1966 Rochester, NY.

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