Gone way too soon.Beloved Friend, Daughter, Sister. Died from complications resulting from a car accident,in 1970. She is missed every day


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Personal Details

Full Name:
Renee Marie Katanjian 1
Male 1
Female 1
Burial Place: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Cypress,California 1
Physical Description:
Hair Color: Brown, golden blond streaks 1
Physical Description:
Eye Color: Brown 1
Place: Santa Ynez Circle, Buena Park, California 1
To: June, 1971 1
Father: George Katanjian 1
Mother: Robin Darlene Katanjian 1
Race or Ethnicity:
American/Armenian 1
"Awe, come on you guys. That's not nice." 1
Institution: Walter Knott Elementary School 1
Place: La Palma Avenue, Buena Park, California 1
To: June, 1971 1

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The Kind of Person, Renee Was

Buena Park, California, U.S.A.

Renee, was a bright, extremely intelligent, and friendly person, who never would have hurt anyone. If she was around when other students were making fun, teasing another student, she always would try and stop it,by just coming out and saying "Awe, come on you guys. That's not nice." 

She always had a kind thing to say, would never be involved in cruelty. 

She was part of the Blue Birds of America group, that I was in. 

She was creative, and always had a smile ready for anyone who spoke to her.

She was a quiet person, but laughed easily. 

Renee was my friend

I was friends with Renee when we went to Walter Knott Elementary, I used to go to her house and she to mine to play.  When I told her I was moving to Iowa she got sad, I have thought about her often and didnt know that she had died until I googled her.  I am very sadend by the news.  I hope to see her again in heaven. RIP my friend

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