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Aaron Collins' Civil War Sons


Aaron Collins Family of Lowndes County, Mississippi


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Family Members:
Daughter: Elizabeth Collins 1
Daughter: Saphronia E Collins 1
Daughter: Missouri Collins 1
Father: Aaron Collins 1
Son: Francis M (Frank) Collins 1
Son: Robert J (Lum) Collins 1
Son: John M Collins 1
Son: Jacob A Collins 1
Son: William Harrison Collins 1
Francis (Frank) M Collins:
Birth: 1828 1
Date Wounded: 1862 2
POW: Dec 1862 2
Wounded: Battle of Corinth 2
Jacob A Collins:
Birth: 1839 1
POW: 03 Dec 1862 2
Wounded: Ring FInger Amputated 2
Robert J (Lum) Collins:
35th MS Inf: Company H 2
Birth: 1835 1
Casualty of War: Died at Prison Camp 2
Death: 03 Jan 1865 2
Place of Death: Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA 2
William H Collins:
35th Ms Inf: Company H 2
Birth: 1841 1
Casualty of War: Died from Wounds at Hospital in Oxford 2
Death: 10 Nov 1862 3

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