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Lindon, UT


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First one

Lindon, UT

This was the design we launched with in Jan 2007. The idea was to simply introduce Footnote as place to experience historical documents in a different way. The emphasis was more on the things you could so with documents rather than the documents themselves.
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A focus on content

Lindon, UT


This home page was a response to the constant challenge of explaining the sorts of discoveries that can be made in Footnote titles.

 Most of our titles are filled primarily with handwritten text, which is not readable, and therefore, cannot be automatically searched by computers. The annotation tools were designed to help make documents more easily findable by letting Members tag or label people, places, dates and other text they've found.

 In short, with millions of handwritten documents, no one know for sure exactly what interesting stuff is contained within.

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The Headline Approach

Lindon, UT


This design was simpler than the last and used a large headline and slicker graphic content promos, which definitely improved site visits. 

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