Alois (Alvis) Ellis, was born in Tennessee estimated birth was 1902. He moved to Dade Creek Georgia and was at the age of 24 years old when he married Ethel Oliver in 1926. They had and daughter name Lucile 1928 who was at the age of 2 in the United States Census 1930, and a son name Carroll Ellis who was born in 1930.

Aug 1966 1
Dade Florida, Opa Locka 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Alvis Gallaway Ellis 2
Also known as:
Alois G. Ellis / A.G. ELLIS 3
Also known as:
Alvis G. Ellis 2
Aug 1966 1
Dade Florida, Opa Locka 1
Burial Place: Opa Locka Florida 2
Place: Dade, Creek Georgia 2
From: 1930 2
Mother: Henrietta Ellis 3
Father: Ellis 3
Beulah Langston 3
07 Feb 1937 3
Broward County Florida 3
Spouse Death Date: Aug 1966 3
Ethel Oliver Ellis 3
14 Jan 1927 3
Dade Georgia 3
Spouse Death Date: Aug 1966 3
Beulah Langston 2
07 Feb 1937 2
Chattanooga Tennessee 2
Divorce Date: Widow 1934 2
Ethel Oliver Ellis 2
1927 2
Dade, Creek Georgia 2
Painter 2
Race or Ethnicity:
white 2

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1930 U.S. Population Census Dade, Creek, Georgia

Dade Creek Georgia

Ellis, Alois

According to the Census Alvis Ellis is residence in Dade County, Township Creek, State of Georgia. His age in 1930 was 28 , married at the age of 25, both parents Father unknown, and mother Hennreitta Ellis was also from Georgia. Alvis and Ethel Oliver Ellis, were married in 1927. Had a daughter name, Lucile Ellis born 1928 in florida, and a son name Carroll Ellis, born 1929 in Dade, Creek Georgia. His Occupation was a Painter and he worked at the Plows Factory in 1930.


Alvis G. Ellis History

Hamilton Tennessee

May 4, 1903 Alvis Gallaway Ellis, was born on May 4 1902 in Chattanogna Tennessee, to Henrietta Ellis, mother born 1877 in Georgia.  According to the United States Census for 1910 They residence in Hamilton Tennessee, Civil District 5 Alvis was the age of 7.  In 1920 the residence in Hamilton Tennessee, Alvis was the age of 17 and his sibling was Vernon E. Ellis age 23 born in 1897, his mother Henrietta Ellis was a widow at this time. United State Census for 1930 his name had been mispelled to Alois Ellis, show that he residence in Dade County, Georgia at the age of 28, married to Ethel Oliver Ellis in 1926 and had a daughter name Lucille Ellis born 1928 in Floirda, and a son name Carroll Ellis born in Dade County Georgia. He became a window himself in 1934 February 18 Ethel Oliver Ellis had passed away. Moving to Broward County, Floirda in sometime betweek 1935-1936 married for the second time to Beulah Langston, address was Chattaonga Tennessee, on February 7 1937 accourding to the Florida Marriage 1830-1983 (004539296 Image # 2286) she was the age of 34 and Alvis was the age of 35. According to the Socical Security Death Certificate Alvis G. Ellis passed away Aug 1966 in Opa Locka, Florida, 33054. He had residence in Hialiah, Dade Floirda, Dade Georgia, Miami Fl. 

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