USS Corsica by Dominique Taddei

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Corsica, France "USS Corsica" by Dominique Taddei


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USS Corsica WWII Story of a Carrier Island in the MTO.

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Little Dominique in 1944 at CHURCH on Corsica
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"USS Corsica" Book by Dominique Taddei. . . (Barbi Ennis Connolly)

     Author, Historian, Historical Researcher. . . Friend, (ultimate) Host and with the Memories that began when the "AMERICANS" arrived.  1944.  .... from when Dominique was barely 8 to 10 years old until the 'sleeping giant' awoke when he retired.  He REMEMBERED.

   Now he remembers all, he welcomes all, gracious to a fault and a humble and intelligent man.   Dominique took it upon himself to search.... for the Men, the Ships, the Missions.  Then he joined, asked, invited and welcomed until I know of no one who knows this great man that does not call him FRIEND.  His book, the USS Corsica is a testament to the greatness he witnessed as the humane and kind Americans arrived on to a devastated Island  ..... some remained friends for a million years, the years between 'knowing the Men of the 57th' and 'finding them'.  Dominique is as much a 57th Bomb Wing Airman as if he actually loaded the big Bombs himself.

     He also did extensive research on the Fighter Groups that escorted the Medium B-25 Mitchell Bombers, and B-26 Marauders.  He found our pilots, our air crew and the cooks, he asked for memories and listened to more than a few tales through misty eyes.

(More to come)  Barbi Ennis Connolly, 57th BW Researcher and 319th and 321st Bomb Group Historians. (Dad/Ed Ennis, 321st BG, 447th BS)

  • Corsica, France
  • 1944

Superstitious Al-O-ysious (Dominiques' Avatar)

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The actual PIN.

AMERICAN TRADITION WWII Bomber Nose-Art;  (and Corsican Kids Christmas, below)

Superstitious Aloysius

In August 2006, an email came in to the Through Our Parents' Eyes in-basket asking if we had information on the origins of Superstitious Aloysius. The character, after all, was painted on many WWII bombers. The sender later found that Superstitious Aloysius was originally a gold-plated and enamel pin designed by Albert Freedman. There is also evidence of a patent on Superstitious Aloysius. Our thanks to Dominique Taddei.

Superstitious Al-O-ysious was a popular ELF/Magician who carried just about every kind of charm known to man including a Wishbone, a Horse Shoe, a Four Leaf Clover, a String on his nose, a Rabbit's Foot while crossing his fingers......  ;~)   Barbi

Please see & read; *Corsican Kids Christmas*  (This post written by guest blogger Carrie Goeringer).  

  Barbi Ennis Connolly  ~    57th BW Historical Researcher

  • Corsica, France
  • 1943

The Book; "USS Corsica" by Dominique Taddei

Dominique is always working on a new project.....

  His BOOK; "USS Corsica"

Dominique's Humor;

ISBN : 2-84698-006-3
Editions ALBIANA - Décembre 2003

  • Corsica, France
  • 2011

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