53rd Alabama Cavalry (Partisan Rangers)

53rd Alabama Cavalry (Partisan Rangers)


The current "home" of the Descendants of the Men of the 53rd is on Facebook: "53rd Alabama Cavalry (Partisan Rangers) Memorial" Group and "53rd Alabama Cavalry Resource" Page. Information on Robert McLendon's Regimental History of the 53rd can be found there, as well as help & advice on researching your Veteran. If you are a 53rd Descendant and have information or photos, including final resting places and photos of grave markers, please stop by and post, or contact Doc or Mr. McLendon. ____ (hot linking not allowed - copy & paste addresses) {_ http://www.facebook.com/groups/hannons.cavalry.brigade/ _} {_ http://www.facebook.com/pages/53rd-Alabama-Cavalry-Resource-Page/206810609370077?sk=info _} {_ http://www.facebook.com/docdarlin _} {_ http://www.conecuhriverdepot.com _}

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McLendon's Regimental History

    In 2007  Robert G. McClendon, Jr. concluded over 20 years of research on the 53rd Regiment Alabama Cavalry and published an extensive History of the Regiment, including detailed information of its formation in the Spring of 1862 under the Partisan Ranger Act of 21 April, the Regiment's organization, outfitting and training, and service in the Armies of the Confederacy from  its first assignment to the District of the Gulf, under the command of Brig. Gen. W.M. Mackall, service under General Forrest in the pursuit of Federal Col. A.D. Streight's "Raiders" in the Spring of 63, assignments to General Roddey's and General Wheeler's Cavalry Corps, the rear-guard actions against Sherman's army on his approach to Atlanta, to the final days in the Spring of 1865, with the remains of the Regiment awaiting orders in Columbia, South Carolina, when word was received that General Johnston had surrendered the Army of Tennessee to Sherman on 26 April, at the Durham Station in North Carolina.

    Mr. McLendon's "History of the 53rd Regiment Alabama Volunteer Cavalry & M.W. Hannon's Cavalry Brigade Army of Tennessee, C.S.A." includes a large number of photographs of members of the 53rd, from their time of service and in their later years, collected over time from the descendants of these men who aided Bob in his research, providing many original documents, letters, and diaries, which are extensively quoted through-out the work.  Including in the appendices are complete rosters of the Staff Officers and Companies of the 53rd and 24th Battalion of the Alabama Cavalry (whose close association with the 53rd is described in detail in the main text), a roster of the Documented Casualties of the 53rd Regiment & 24th Battalion, as well as those who were wounded and taken prisoner, and lists of men who are documented as having served in other Confederate units, men who left Alabama after The War and where they settled, and 53rd & 24th men who were Masons. Under the Company Rosters, Mr. McLendon has included as much information as he could obtain at the time for each man listed, some entries include only the information found on the Complied Service Records Index Cards from the Federal Archives, but many contain much more information: dates and status of applications for pensions (also Widow's Pensions), final resting places, details of life after The War, &etc.

    Robert McLendon, of Troy, Pike County, Alabama, is the Great-Grandson of Jonathan DeKalb McLendon (1830-1898), Company G, 53rd Alabama Cavalry (Partisan Rangers). After U.S. Military Service and a 36-year long career in Law Enforcement, Mr. McLendon "retired" in 2003, opening the Conecuh River Depot Military Museum near Troy.

    The Depot is a private museum comprised of Bob's personal collection of military "memorablia", assembled over his lifetime, the initial pieces of what became the World War Two Collection coming from Mr. McLendon's father, who served as a Combat Liaisson Officer, HQ III Corps (Third Army) in the European Theater. The Depot Museum now contains items of interest from World War Two (U.S. and German), Communist China during the Korean Conflict, numerous NVA & Viet-cong items from the Viet-nam War period, and Iraqi military items from Desert Storm and OIF.

    In Bob's words: "This museum is intended to be a memorial to the American fighting men and women, who have insured the freedoms we all enjoy. It is hoped you will come and view the museum, and think of the sacrifices that at all veterans have made for us."

    Mr. McLendon would also include here that there is no admission charge for touring the Conecuh River Depot Military Museum, located at 246 US 231 North, Troy, Alabama, adjacent to the Pioneer Museum of Alabama; the Depot is open Wednesday - Friday, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm, and  Saturdays,10:00 am - 5:00 pm. (Closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and some holidays).

    The Conecuh River Depot's website is : http://www.conecuhriverdepot.com
    Robert McLendon's "History of the 53rd Regiment" can be ordered here.

    From the website:

    History of the 53rd Regiment Alabama Volunteer Cavalry
    and M.W. Hannon's Cavalry Brigade, Army of Tennessee, C.S.A.

    by Robert G. McClendon, Jr.

    _Awarded the Henry Timrod Southern History Award
    from the Military Order of the Stars & Bars

    Awarded the Jefferson Davis Southern Heritage Award
    by the Alabama Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy_

    The 53rd Alabama was a mounted unit from its origin. During the war, it served with such legendary cavalry leaders as Frank Armstrong, P. D. Roddey, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Joseph Wheeler, John H. Kelly, Alfred Iverson, P. M. B. Young, and Wade Hampton. They saw perilous duty throughout the Atlanta Campaign, and was one of the primary cavalry forces opposing William T. Sherman during his infamous "March to the Sea." They laid down their arms in Columbia, SC, after engaging in their last fight in Sumter County, SC on April 19, 1865, ten days after the surrender of Gen. Robert E. Lee at Appomattox. Also with the 53rd was the 24th Battalion Alabama Cavalry.

    This book contains a full roster, and detailed information on the activities of the 53rd Alabama and the 24th Battalion. Also serving in Hannon's Brigade after November 1864 were the 11th Georgia Cavalry, and the Roswell (Georgia) Battalion.

    Cost:  $32.00
    S & H: $5.00
    (Alabama residents add $2.88 tax)

    Send check or money order, to:
    Robert G. McLendon, Jr.
    1305-A South Brundidge St.
    PMB 105
    Troy, AL 36081

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    : Third GreatGrandson of David James Wilson, Farrier, Company I

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