This is a Henry Manigo I found today.

1847 1
South Carolina 1

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Personal Details

1847 1
South Carolina 1
Male 1
Mother: Patty/Patsy/Patsey Jenkins 1
Father: Stepfather Scipio Jenkins 1
Position: School Teacher 2
Place: Lake Jackson, Florida 2
Father's Brthdate:
1827 3
Father's Name:
Jacob Frenwich 3
Mother's Birthdate:
1831 3
Mother's Namer:
Patsey 3

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The Story of Henry Manigo's Freedman's Bank Image

Tallahassee, FL

In 1870, a man by the name of Henry Manigo/Manijo opens a Freedman's Bank Account in Tallahassee, FL.  He lists his place of residence at the time as Lake Jackson.  He lists that he served in the military, the 34th Regiment Company D.  He is a schoolteacher who was born in 1847 in SC.  The individual helping Henry list his complexion as DARK and lists that he has one parent Patsey Jenkins.  The remarks include that Henry has no family in FL and that his book was credited 50.00 by mistake and that it should have been 45.00.  The clerk goes on to say that Henry wanted change for the five dollar bill and that he blames Henry's asking for this...that caused him to make a miscount.  The clerk initials it W.S.



In the Beaufort County Deeds I encountered there was a mysterious Patsey Manigault, who then transfers land to our had no idea who that patsey was and if they were related to us...but the discovery of a Henry Manigo who I am very confident in saying is our Henry Manigo from the USCT Company D, has led me to believe that Patsey married a man by the name of Scipio Jenkins following the war and Henry was her son for a man previous to Scipio. At the age of 23 he is alone in FL. Well, Shed did say he had family in Florida. Also interesting is the presence of another Freedman's Bank Savings Image that lsts a Henry Manijo as the son of a Jacob Frenwich and Patty Jenkins. Is that Jacob his biological father? Also in this record is the information telling us that in Nov. of 1870 he is in Beaufort and living in Laurel Bay, Port Royal Island. He is a teacher there and transfers his accounts to account #991.

Henry Manigo's mother is a woman by the name of Patsey who in 1869 opens a Freedman's Savings Account. She lists her birthplace as Beaufort, SC. Her current residence is Laurel Bay Plantation on Port Royal Island SC. She is 38 at the time and worked for herself. Her complexion is listed as Brown and her parents are John and Nan Manigo. She has two siblings Emma Haywood and Morris Manigo. Her children she lists as Charles Jenkins, Henry Manigo, John Jenkins and Julia Ann Jenkins.

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