The Burning of the Viking Princess

The Burning of the Viking Princess


On April 8, 1966 the Norwegian cruise liner caught on fire. Only two people died.

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Viking Princess

    The Viking Princess was damaged by fire in the Caribbean on 8 April 1966. It was a 12,800
    GRT, 163m long Norwegian cruise liner, built in 1950. There were 235 passengers and 259
    crew on board. While the ship was 60 miles off Cuba, a fire started in the engine room at
    01:44 on 8 April. The fire could not be controlled, and the master ordered the passengers and
    crew to abandon ship. The evacuation was well organised, although one lifeboat descended
    too quickly, and another was temporarily stuck in mid-air and had to be freed with an axe.
    There were 25 minor injuries. However, 2 passengers died from heart attacks. When passing
    merchant ships arrived, fire had enveloped the superstructure. They picked up all the
    passengers and crew from the lifeboats. The ship was towed to port, but was a constructive
    total loss. There were 2 fatalities in total.

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