23 Nov 1863 1
Vanderburgh County, Indiana 1
15 Jun 1927 1
Campbell Township, Warrick County, Indiana 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Louisa Wilhelmina Florentina Hartig Kuhlenschmidt 1
Also known as:
Mina or Mena 1
23 Nov 1863 1
Vanderburgh County, Indiana 1
Female 1
15 Jun 1927 1
Campbell Township, Warrick County, Indiana 1
Cause: Cerebral Hemorhage 1
Burial Date: 17 Jun 1927 1
Burial Place: Zoar Church, Campbell Township, Warrick County, Indiana 1
Mother: Louisa Dietrich 1
Father: Herman Conrad Hartig 1
Wilhelm/Wiliam Frederick Kuhlenschmidt 1
04 Sep 1880 1
Zoar Church, German Township, Vanderburgh County, Indiana 1
Spouse Death Date: 30 Dec 1922 1
"I'm so sorry, I'll have some [cookies] next time." 1
Housewife 1
German Protestant Evangelical (later UCC) 1
Race or Ethnicity:
white 1

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Cookie Maker & Grandma's Sugar Cookies

According to Florence Overbeck Winternheimer, Louisa Kuhlenschmidt was  a lovely old woman. Baked cookies all the time. Had a tall crock that always had cookies in it. One night Veda Oberbeck went to the kitchen and none were in there Louisa/Minnie said "Oh, I'm so sorry, I'll have some next time." and she did. Specialty: baked sugar cookies.

Louisa Hartig Kuhlenschmidt's Cookie recipe for Sugar Cookies
2 1/4 cups sugar, 4 eggs, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 cup shortening (not butter or margarine), 5 teaspoons baking powder, 1/3 cup milk, 5 cups all purpose flour (more or less). To make dough thick enough to roll & cut. Sprinkle with sugar. Bake at 375 to light brown.

Story of her Passing and information from the Death Certificate

Campbell Township, Warrick County, Indiana


She was helping the younger midwife called in to deliver the child (Doris) of William & Amelia Kuhlenschmidt. She came out of the room, asked for her pain medicine(Porter's pain king medicine) and died instantly.

Certificate of Death Registered No. 19096
County of death Warrick
Township: Campbell
Name: Louise W. Kuhlenschmidt
sex: female, color: white, widowed
Name of Husband: William Kuhlenschmidt
Date of birth: Nov 23, 1863
Age 63 years, 6 months, 22 days
Occupation: Housework
Birthplace: Indiana
Father: Conrad Hartig
birthplace of father: Germany
Mother's Maiden name: Dietrich
Birthplace of Mother: Germany
Date of Death: June 15, 1927
I hereby certify that I took charge of the remains described above held an Inquest theron and from the evidence obtained by said inquest find that the deceased came to her death on the day stated above at 10;30 p.m. The cause of death was as follows: Cerebral Hemorhage.sigmed: Ralph Robinson June 1927: Boonevill,e Indiana.
Informant for information: Alfred Kuhlenschmidt of Elberfeld, Indiana
Place of burial: Zoar on June 17, 1927
Undertaker Billup & Very (?) the body was embalmed
Boonville, Indiana Embalmer's License: 1412
Filed: June 17, 1927

Springerle Recipe

Warrick County, Indiana

This recipe for Springerle cookies was passed down from Louisa to her granddaughter Aileen Kuhlenschmidt Reynolds.  According to a grandson, Raymond Kuhlenschmidt, the Kuhlenschmidt's made springerle's more for the Easter Holiday than the Christmas holiday.  We have no idea as to what type of cookie press or mold Louisa used.

2 cups sugar, 4 eggs - Beat until sugar melts.
Add: 1 teaspoon Oil of Anise, 2 teaspoons baking powder.
Flour till dough is stiff as bread dough (approximately 4 cups all purpose flour).
Roll & cut, let set on baking sheet overnight, Bake til brown.


Indiana, Vanderburgh County, Zoar Church (Kassen)


The German & English language form of her Christening Certificat

Christening certificate

Louisa Wilhelmine Florentine Hartig geboren den 23rd November 1863 is den 3rd January 1864 in dar ......... Zoar Kirche zu Germantown, Vanderburgh County, im Namen des Dreieinigen Gottes getauft worden, welches hierdurch glaubwindig bescheiniget wird.

........Wilhelmina Simonsmeier(?) and J.C. ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Very Loosely translated:   Louisa Wilhelmine Florentine Hartige born on 23 November 1863 is on 3 January 1864 in the Zoar church of Germantown, Vanderburgh County, is baptizd in the name of the Trinity
. signed by her Godparents.


Wedding Story

German Township, Vanderburgh County, Indiana

William Kuhlenschmidt married Louis Wilhelmina Florentine Hartig, daughter of the earlier mentioned Conrad Hartig and (step-daughter of Christina Kuhlenschmidt Hartig) who was also born in German Township, Vanderburgh County, Indiana on November 23, 1863. Witnesses to their marriage were Charles and Cora Kuhlenschmidt. The couple lived on the Kansas Road just west of the New Green River Road in Vanderburgh County, Indiana. The names as given on their marriage certificate were Wilhialm Kuhlenschmidt to Mina Hartig. Their wedding, undoubtedly conducted in German, took place on September 7, 1880 at the Zoar Evangelical Church (Kasson) German Township, Vanderburgh County, Indiana. William Kuhlenschmidt and his wife Mina (Minnie) moved from their Vanderburgh County farm home to a farm about three miles east of it sometime between September 1883 and November 13, 1885. The elder son William was born in Vanderburgh while the next son and child, Frederick was born in Warrick County on the latter date. The farm in Warrick County is owned by a grandson Edgar Kuhlenschmidt of Evansville, Indiana."

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