History of Cave Spring, GA  (Beaver Pond-Cherokee Nation)

History of Cave Spring, GA (Beaver Pond-Cherokee Nation)


In 2010 a two story log building was discovered under the facade of the old Webster-Green Hotel in downtown Cave Spring, GA. Research is finding it to be the "Stand" of Cherokee Avery Vann who lived here around 1800 or a little before until 1829 when he and 57 Cherokees immigrated westward before the eventual removal of the remaining Cherokee on the infamous, cruel Trail of Tears. The healthy Cherokee from Cave Spring were marched down the old Cherokee Toll Road that ran in front of the building (Vann Tavern in Cave Spring) to Fort Cedar Town at Big Spring (Beaver Dam.) Those who were infirm were taken by wagon up through Vann's Valley (Hwy 411) and eventually to Ross' Landing in Tennessee from which they were sent westward.

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