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William Condit 1
Age in 1860: 0 1
Pennsylvania 1
Male 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1860 1
Place: Mercer County, Pennsylvania 1
From: 1860 1
Minor Civil Division: New Vernon Township 1

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  1. Census - US Federal 1860 [See image]


Our Trip West

Washington County Iowa

Our Trip West
By William Wylie Condit

Oct 11 1882
Frank and I started from our home on farm in

Washington Co(.Iowa ) about 7 O'clock in the morning,
with a wagon and three horses, Found the roads very muddy and bad owning it to having rained the day before
We got along very well though slow. Stayed all

night 3 miles south east of south English (IA). They had a dance at the house near where we stayed which kept us from getting much sleep, the night was also very windy & chilly.
Oct 12. 1882

Started at 7 O'clock . found the roads very muddy that
country being level, it rained a good part of the day got to south English about 11 O'clock, got our horses shod cost us $1.15.
Sent a card home got my watch fixed cost 50 ct.. Passed
through White Pigeon , and Aurora (IA) in the pm. A very heavy wind and rain storm came up while we were at Aurora
which came very near upsetting our wagon. Quite cold often with rain. Stopped at a Germans to stay all night, he didn't charge
us anything for hay and stable room.
Oct 13 1882

Started at daylight passed through Montazuma (IA)
in leaving Montazuma (IA) we got on the wrong road
and got into a very hilly country got on the right road before
night had a nice day to travel in. Stopped about sundown
1 mile south of Ewart Station for the night, pd 15 ct., for hay.
Oct 14 1882
Started out a 7 O'clock wrote a card home at Ewart Station (IA)
nice day to travel went within 1/2 mile of Grinell (IA) & within
1 mile of Kellogg (IA) got to Newton (IA) at 4 O'clock all safe & sound found uncle Sam's all well stayed with them over Sabbath
had a good visit wrote a letter home Frank went with
the boys to church Uncle was not at home himself.
Oct 16 1882
Left uncles at 8 O'clock passed through Green Castle (IA)
ate dinner on Indian Creek, hunted some but did not get
anything camper on Wolf Creek for the night. Got some milk
of a woman but it was sour & no good to us. pd 10 ct. for hay
Oct 17 1882
A very frosty morning . Passed through Peori City (IA)
& Ashwood (IA) Iowa Center (IA) & Nevada (IA) camped for the night on Skunk River pd 90 ct. for hay
Oct 18 1882
Passed through Ames (IA), Boon (IA), Ogden (IA) all nice towns camped for the night 1/2 mile east of Beaver (IA)
Oct 19 1882
Started at daylight passed through Beaver (IA)
Grand Junction (IA) ate dinner at Mill on coon river
passed through Jefferson (IA) Coon City & Scranton (IA)
in the pm
Oct 20 1882
Passed through Glidden (IA), Carroll (IA), Maple River Junction (IA) Breda (IA) & Wall Lake (IA) camped for the night west of Wall Lake Oct 21 1882 

The story Our trip west was taken from William Wylie's Journal which i have in my possession.

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