Alburgh, VT; Land and Miscellaneous Records, Book 16, page 593

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Identifying Alburgh, Vermont's unnamed "Indian" soldiers


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Civil War Challenge - Identifying Alburgh, Vermont's unnamed "Indian" soldiers

I am trying to identify the Civil War soldiers mentioned in the Alburgh Town Record simply as "Four Indians". I need assistance from anyone interested in helping. Please take a moment to spread the word around to any interested parties.

My name is Nancy Lecompte. I am the Research & Education Director for Ne-Do-Ba, a Maine Nonprofit 501(c)3 Corporation.

Below is the introduction from my blog post of April 25, 2011 concerning these men. You can read the entire blog post and see where my research has taken me so far by visiting here


During the Civil War the town of Alburgh, Vermont kept a record of men who served for the town. However, there are men in the town record with no names. They are identified only as “Four Indians”. In commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of that terrible time in our history, I challenge my readers; Civil War buffs, historians, & genealogists from all corners; the people of Vermont; and most especially the town of Alburgh - give these men the proper recognition they deserve by giving them names.

Today, I am posting a copy of the original town record and showing my research to date. I can not do this alone. I ask assistance from everyone that appreciates the injustice of this. The general population of the mid-19th Century placed so little value on Indian life, they could not even be bothered to record the names of these “Indian” men who offered their lives.

These men deserve to be recognized properly. Because of their service, other men did not have to serve. These men deserve a proper place in the history of this county. It is time to correct this unfortunate oversight, identify these brave men, and tell their story to the world. It is, in my opinion, the only proper way to honor their sacrifice during this period of Civil War Commemoration.


I am seeking contact with descendants of the possible candidates outlined in my blog and period researchers to help fill in gaps. My biggest need at this time is raising $150 to acquire 2 soldier's pension files from the National Archives.

Thank You in advance for any assistance you might be able to provide.

Nancy Lecompte
Research & Education Director for
Ne-Do-Ba - A Maine Nonprofit 501(c)3 Corporation

  • Alburgh, VT
  • October 1863

Most Likely Candidates for Alburgh's "Four Indians"

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A possible candidate for one of Alburgh, Vermont's "Four Indians"
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  1. Globe Amblo, 14-Aug-1863, Co. A 3rd VT Infantry, b.abt.1823, 31-Oct-1890 filed for pension from Canada, perhaps Glode Amblo at Burlington in 1860 Census
  2. Peter Laflin, 15-Dec-1863, Co. F, 1st US Sharpshooters, KIA 22-Jun-1864 at Weldon Railroad, b.abt.1833
  3. David Loran, 15-Dec-1863, Co. F, 1st US Sharpshooters & Co. E 2nd Sharpshooters & Co. G 4th VT Infantry, b.abt.1839, m. Sarah, d. bef. 20-Nov-1887 when widow filed for pension
  4. George Squires, 15-Dec-1863, Co. F, 1st US Sharpshooters& Co. E 2nd Sharpshooters & Co. G 4th VT Infantry, b.abt.1842


  • Alburgh, VT
  • October 1863

Other Possible Candidates for Alburgh's "Four Indians"

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A possible candidate
  1. John Shields, 28-Jul-1863, Co. C, 2nd VT Infanty, b.abt.1832 
  2. Thomas Spears, 14-Aug-1863, Co. I, 3rd VT Infantry, b.abt.1824 
  3. Patrick Turney , 14-Aug-1863, Co. E, 3rd VT Infantry, filed for pension 1889 from Nebraska, b.abt.1842 
  4. Marvin Lathrop, 18-Aug-1863, Co. B & F, 3rd VT Infantry, b.1828, pensioned 1866, m. Hattie, d. 11-Oct-1909 Washington State 
  5. Joseph Scarbeau, 19-Aug-1863, Co. K, 3rd VT Infantry, b.abt.1835 
  6. John O’Connor, 20-Aug-1863, Co. G 3rd VT Infantry, b.abt.1839, name & age too common - no further research 
  7. Joseph Hodge, 26-Oct-1863, Co.H, 1st VT Cavalry, prisoner 2-Mar-1864, died at Andersonville 17-Dec-1864, b.abt. 1837, perhaps the man at Stowe in 1860 census b.abt.1837 MA s/o Levi & Mary Hodge.
  8. Hiram D. Straight, 28-Oct-1863, Co. A & D, 17th VT Infantry, b.abt.1844 VT, d.16-Oct-1912 in Michigan, Alburgh 1850 & 1860 Census, moved to Michigan after the war, filed for pension in 1890
  9. Alvin Thompson (West Alburgh), 21-Jan-1864, 10th MA Light Artillery, b. 13-Oct-1840 in Canada, d. 2-Jul-1897 (brother to Charles below, son of Joseph and Angelina Thompson of West Alburgh, VT in the 1860 Census)
  10. Charles D. Thompson (West Alburgh), 21-Jan-1864, 10th MA Light Artillery, b.VT, d.19-May-1913 Loudon, NH (brother to Alvin above)
  11. Charles W. Aseltine, 17-Mar-1864, Co. D & H 28th MA Infantry, b. abt 1843 in VT, s/o Henry & Charity Aseltine, at Alburgh in 1850 & 1860 Census
  12. James Lyndon (Alburgh Springs), 26-Feb-1864, 21th, 36th, & 56th MA Infantry, b.abt.1846, d. 28-Mar-1912 CA, Alburgh 1860 Census, California in 1870, 1880, & 1900 Census, perhaps s/o Samuel & Polly Lyndon, perhaps Irish or English (could this be the “British Deserter”?)
  13. John Cormick, 8-Apr-1864, Co. F, 17th VT Infantry, b.abt.1828, no Cormick found in census and too many McCormick, no further research.
  • Alburgh, VT
  • October 1863

These Soldiers are now Identified

Please visit my research blog for the identities of these soldiers who served for Alburg Vermont during the Civil War.

Contributor: CanyonWolf
Created: April 25, 2011 · Modified: June 11, 2015

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