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Full Name:
Hilda Lee Webb 1
Also known as:
Hilda Lee Bray (maiden name) 1
29 Aug 1927 1
Dardanelle, Yell Co., AR 1
Female 1
08 Apr 2011 1
Russellville, Pope Co., AR 1
Cause: Cancer 1
Burial Date: 15 Apr 2011 1
Burial Place: Rest Haven Memorial Park, Russellville, Pope Co., AR 1
Mother: Willie Jane (Ware) Bray 1
Father: Roy Homer Bray 1
Church of Christ 1

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She enjoyed reading, Bible study, having coffee with her friends, church activities and taking care of her cats. I miss her very much!

Hi My name is Christine Carey.I'm the daughter of Kenneth Carey and Hilda was my grandmother as well.I'm very happy to see this page and you did a wonderful job with the information and the memory spread across the Webb about Hilda.Although I never had a chance to meet her, Hilda wrote to me and supported me with my college education. My major was Journalism, and I sent her all of my articles which she read and put up around her home.Without her, I might not have been able to finish.She was very loving, and wrote me back and talked to me over the phone a lot, which made me feel loved and supported.For a woman I have never been able to meet, she was such an amazing one.I wish I had the opportunity to meet her and it's so great that you put pictures up so I can put such a beautiful face to the voice I heard many times via telephone.I'm very very very sorry for your loss Mrs. Ferris.I hope you are doing o.k. and I will be praying for you and your family.

That's an amazing memorial to a wonderful person! Thanks for sharing your story. I appreciate your message very much and am sorry for your loss as well.

The picture with my daughter was funny – I was trying to take the picture and Alex was sitting their smiling, frozen like you do when having your picture taken. Grandma was sitting there scowling, saying, “Make me laugh. Make me smile.” And I couldn’t because I got tickled and started laughing myself and couldn’t get a word out or anything. Alex was just kneeling there, waiting. It might be one of those, “you had to be there” moments, but it was funny.

I could totally imagine grandma doing that!!!!One of my favorite memories of grandma was when she would call to talk on the phone and if we weren't there she would leave messages.The time would run out a lot on the answering machine so she would keep calling back and leaving more messages.The best part about this, was that she would call and have a conversation on the answering machine and would leave off with something like"So I went to church today and," the machine would end. She would call back and say " it was freezing outside and stormy, but the service was great."She would start back off EXACTLY WHERE SHE LEFT OFF!!!!Smart cookie!!!! I always loved listening to them because I LOVED her accent and I just thought it was amazing how she would always start back off right where she left off....I was always really impressed and even though I wasn't home to receive her call I would know how she was doing from the answering machine conversations!!!!

That is so funny, she used to do that to me. At one point, it was just constant. The bad thing was that I had an accounting business out of my house that I had started and was still trying to grow, so I didn't have a separate business phone. Clients were complaining that they couldn't get in touch with me or leave messages and threatening to go to another accountant, and I didn't have any way of knowing if I missed any calls from new clients who might want to hire me. I knew she was just lonely and wanting to talk, but I had to ask her not to do that so much - nicely so it wouldn't hurt her feelings but I felt bad about it. But she understood that was good at least. But I always thought it was funny that she would start back up where she left off, never missed a word even. I can't seem to do that in every day life. Just today I was going to tell me husband something, and noticed he was on the phone and by the time he got off, I'd all ready forgotten it! Oh well... LOL BTW, I sent you a private message after your first post - I don't know if you got it or not. If not, let me know, and I'll just post it here. :) I hope you are doing well and love hearing your stories about Grandma. :)

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