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When I get stuck in doing Research

When I get up set doing research I go to the public library for book to read. I was talking to a librarian about why I was fustrated about doing family history research, and that you can't get lot of the good books; unless you live in Salt Lake City, Utah. The librarian told me haven't you heard of World Cats. I said" what is that?" She told me that it was short for World Catalogue, that the libraries that are in World Cats will let you borrow books through interlibrary loan. I  am grateful for it and I have got lot of books that come to my library so that I can do research on Massachusettes, Texas, Washington,Georgia etc. Some books the librariaries can't circulate but they will copy the tiltle page and the index for you, so you can see if your people were there. I use this now ever time I get stuck and need to find records.

Contributor: GerriUnitt
Created: April 5, 2011 · Modified: April 25, 2011

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