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I am searching for the descendants of my mother’s uncle Alexander van der Weijden Alexander Vanderweyden Born 16-11-1902 in Dubbeldam, Netherlands. Son of Adrianus van der Weijden and Jannigje de Vries. Died 12-08-1976 in San Luis Obispo, California, USA, 73 years old. Alexander Married, 23 years old, on 24-02-1926 in Dordrecht Wilhelmina Johanna de Haas 20 years old. Born 18-06-1905 in Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands. Daughter of Cornelis de Haas and Geertruij de Vries. Died 20-03-2003 in 93420 Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo, California, USA, 97 years old. They left the Netherlands to emigrate to the United States. (with two sons Roy & Andy.) Alexander was a brother of my grandfather Jacob.

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